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Blogging From the Black Walnut Cafe Today

Black Walnut Cafe, Coppell, TX October 31st, 2014 (It's Halloween!)   Update... So... At the moment, there are several of you who have asked me... Jason, how do you make money blogging? The honest answer is, over the last 1 1/2 years, I've been doing some HEAVY thinking on the state of blogging, online content, that honestly I haven't been teaching … [Read More...]

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La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia

Great Memories!

The NEW Caribou album is out! Entitled Our Love. Below you'll find the full album posted via YouTube! Here's a review from PitchFork for all you review … [Read More...]

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Featured Story

High Ticket Affiliate Products

High Ticket Affiliate Products Vs Network Marketing

Are you wondering why your not getting the results you want in your low ticket affiliate programs and network marketing companies? Are you someone who's wanting to learn more about high ticket affiliate programs, and why they can really supplement the income … [Read More...]

10000 Malcom Gladwell

The Real Key To Succeeding in Life And Business

Have you ever had someone in your downline, who's CONSTANTLY jumping from one thing to the next thing? Meet David X... David jumps from deal to deal, attend all the events, get's on all the webinars, but don't absolutely NOTHING You see... In … [Read More...]

Choosing a mentor

Step By Step Instructions To Choosing a Mentor

Have you ever had something in your life that you absolutely wanted to do with your life? Follow these step by step instructions below, to do anything in life that you've wished to do. You need a mentor You need to take consistent DAILY action tweaked … [Read More...]

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NEVER Overestimate the Power of A Human Being

So I'm sitting at the pool, making a video to add to one of my blog posts, when someone jumps behind me in the pool. Video below about the experience... I immediately think it's someone to 'photo bomb' my video so I'm sorta' defensive. I'm … [Read More...]

CBOE Volatility Index

CBOE Market Volatility Index Going Through Roof!

Last night, I was telling a guy at the apartment complex where I'm living, that the 'VIX' was taking an uncanny spike for the upside. I told him I believe that all the uncertainty could be capitalized by shorting the VIX as he stated he had been taking some … [Read More...]

money rules

11 Top Money Rules

The following are my top money rules, that anyone can apply to make LOTS more money, and have their system working for them, vs. them working for money, and trading time for money. Take these rules, and think about yourself, your friends and family, and ask … [Read More...]