How A Couple of Minutes Turned Into 25 Minutes

So my buddy Kell just hit 25 minutes in her cardio program. She's been jogging for probably 3+ months now, and she started with about 1 or 2 minutes of jogging, and walking 5 to 15 minutes. Before she started jogging, I use to nag her about getting in shape, and staying consistent. For about 2 years now, but nothing really stuck as a daily ritual. But she did end up finally … [Read More...]

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Need A Personal Loan? (Lending

The rich use ‘good debt’, and the poor use ‘bad debt’. ~Kim Kiyosaki So I’m browsing around the internet, trying to learn more about ‘crowdfunding’, and the potential opportunities ahead, and I find a potential website you might be interested in. This isn’t a pitch. I just might think it’s something cool. => I’m […]

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Simple WordPress Web Design Tips And Tricks

Basic Tips to Take Your WordPress Blog Or Website To the Next Level If your wanting to build a killer website or blog, don't fret. Building a community to help get your message or service out isn't really that hard. But there are some fundamentals to … [Read More...]

Welcome Talyah!

 Welcome Talyah! Big welcome Talyah and wanted to send this to you ... ... out a big shout out and welcome to new team member Talyah Nicole. Talyah is the 70th member this year to join Empower Network, and has been receiving automated messages like … [Read More...]