7 Tips To Improve Your Credit Score

7 Tips to Improve Your Credit Score First things first, the majority of what you find in the internet and in the books is junk. Why do you want to improve your credit anyways? To get a house? To get extra financing for a car. The truth is... Credit means absolutely nothing. Let me explain. First off, you don't need 'credit' to get a house. There's ways to do it WITHOUT credit, even money. So let me give you some REAL tips, that the uneducated people online, mostly who are broke employees, fail to teach people about the REAL natures and working of income. Click here to see how you can buy a house with bad credit and no money. Again, you don't need credit to get what you want. The truth path to wealth is focusing on 'good debt', not bad debt. Your more served by focusing on 'good debt', then you are on focusing on bad debt. Ever thought about starting a network marketing company for little to no money? Even buying a real estate investment? The truth is, it doesn't take credit, nor money to make that happen, and the extra cashflow, passive income, and leverage you file at the end of the year makes your credit situation Read more
In the last blog post, I spoke about 'how to get out of debt.' One of the weakness I've had in the past is the concept of 'paying yourself first', however for one reason or another, I just didn't make that happen. As of late, I've been missing out on some of the pieces of the puzzle- how to make them work. So... I went and sought a C.P.A certified public account, so that way I could accomplish certain goals, but at the same time put some heat on myself, and as well hold myself accountable to my personal finance goals. The truth is, I've been reading COUNTLESS books in the last 5 to 10 years, on the topic of finance, 'getting rich', business, mindset books, books on real estate, network marketing, stock investing, etc, etc, but still yet, my system hasn't been put into place, and in my option, having a cpa isn't just necessary, but it's critical. No matter where you are in your financial goals, rich or 'poor', you need to put your system together, and you need the right people, and right team, to get on the right track. My c.p.a advised me... If I wanted to automate some of my income, using SmartyPig was a great way to Read more
Was curious if maybe you've read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki? In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert explains why it's important to have money work for you, vs. you working for money. As a strong advocate of the direct sells industry, or "network marketing" or mlm as some call it, he believes it's the best way for a person to begin their journey to financial freedom. Here's a photo yesterday eating a sub-sandwich and reading Robert Kiyosaki's book for the 4th or 5th time... (Click "Display images below" at the top of your email to see your picture below.)   Empower Network is one of those such businesses that Robert recommends. There are low startup costs ($25), and you have the opportunity to have an income that comes in NOT once... but EVERY month. If you haven't take'n a hard enough look at Empower Network, you can do so here.  2 1/2 years ago, after quitting my job as a teacher here in Texas, I struggled with ways to make money online and from home. Thank God network marketing, and then later Empower Network came into the picture. If you have further questions about Empower Network, here's Read more

6 Best Business Books to Read

6 Best Business Books to Read Are you looking for the Best Business Books to Read? Maybe you have some in mind, but your just browsing the internet, or maybe your just curious what people are saying? Either way, I hope you can find some value in this blog post. A little about me... At the moment I'm sorta' traveling the world. The last 3 or 4 years I've been fascinated by business, and the art of value creation. I've had my phases: Studying what it takes to "be wealthy". Joining a network marketing deal. But one lesson that I've found important, is learning something, doing it, and then teaching it in some shape or manner, and hopefully learning from it and leveraging it - it's experiences. So in this post, hope to post some of that knowledge, and HOPEFULLY wisdom to you. Lol. These 6 best business books to read have give'n my and many of my friends the FREEDOM to travel the world, and teach other people how to do the same! So for the last 6 1/2 months, I've been traveling the world, "working" from my laptop, but only living the "working" part-time lifestyle, all the while creating assets, and things that can Read more
Blue Ocean Strategy Review - Why You Should DEFINITELY Read This Book Hey thanks for checking out this Blue Ocean Strategy Review that I've written up here at www.jasonCWaite.com. I hope it can be of MASSIVE value to you. Blue Ocean Strategy Review Every now and then, there's comes a book that completely changes everything you thought you knew. Such is the case with the Blue Ocean Strategy. For most of us, we've always believed, or were taught, that the solutions to succeeding in business, was simply solving a problem, and doing it better than other people do it. This book FLIPS that assumption upside down. After leaving Dallas, TX last week, my friend Kelly gave me a present. She said, "I got it at te Half Priced Books Store. ... It was on sale." I was super excited, because Mj Demarco, author of The Millionaire Fastlane had referred it on his blog, in his recommenced books section. ... And when Mj recommends something, you almost always take note. Blue Ocean Strategy Review - for me took down these basic assumptions That creating a badass business is about solving a problem, better than any other person. That Read more

Call Me!! 209-255-1049 $3,000 DAILY!

  Hey Jason Waite here! When I first started making money online I really REALLY struggled. I didn't know the first thing about: Driving traffic. Blogging. Marketing and advertising. Shoot I BARELY knew how to blog. But... One thing that I did learn, was that it's EASY to drive traffic to a high converting landing page like this one! All of a sudden my traffic doubled! TRIPPED! And BAM! I and alot of my team members started making serious money online. Check out this video and see these people that are having AMAZING results using the Empower Network system. Have you thought about using a simply "Make Money Online Blogging" Strategy? Blogging for money, or making money online was the furthest thing on my mind when I started online. I just thought I'd be able to drive some leads online to take a look at my network marketing video. Little did I know, that people would be calling me to know more about my opportunity, and that the online space was truly a way to get leads for my business. Now YOU too like myself 2 1/2 years ago, out of my apartment, BARELY able to make my rent in Read more
  I'm leaving to Miami RIGHT now... ... and was curious if any of you have been there, or what you like to do, or where you like to go? Guess am going to "kick it" on the beach for a couple of months, and just enjoy the sun :) Wanted to send out this quick email to you, and just let some of you know what I'm up to, and where I'm going, and as well send out a couple of updates. As many of you know already, we welcomed new team member  Talyah MaBon on our team yesterday. As well, we have another new team member Valerie Lees today! Both joined on AUTOPILOT! Without "sharing" the opportunity. http://www.empowernetwork.com/ commissionloophole.php?id= jason_waite3   What do both Talyah and Valerie have in common? BOTH ARE TIRED OF PITCHING AND SELLING THE NETWORK MARKETING DREAM, AND ARE LOOKING TO BUILD THEIR BUSINESS ONLINE, AND ON AUTOPILOT, AND HAVE PEOPLE COME TO THEM, VS. THEY GOING TO OTHER PEOPLE. So how did Talyah and Valerie learn about Empower Network? Basically like you, they clicked something, maybe from a blog, banner, or an email like this that I teach our team members who sign up Read more
Tactic of the 50+ year old multi-switcher prospecter network marketer "gooroo"/leader? Few will say it in the industry, because it's just not "professional" to speak out on it .... But it's not like we don't all know it... But here's what they do, the 50+, multi-deal, network marketer leader/deal flipper... Can we just be real? ...They switch deal to deal. They usually talk about how many people they're getting in their business, but they don't tell you how many deals they've been in the last 5 to 10 years, all the while recruiting everyone's downline, jumping in as fast as they can to ride the wave, only to jump off grabbing everyone else's downline in the process, or hoping the dead crabs come to shore... And what would the 50+, network marketing leader, multi-deal, several company say? "We're getting" $. Fair nuff'. Well train your team on that strategy. It doesn't seem that duplicatable. But maybe your getting some money flipping from deal to deal. Maybe the more long term residuals COMMITTED to your team is more sound? Who knows, MAYBE I'm wrong on this. So I'm fair game on those of you who have Read more

Welcome Talyah!

 Welcome Talyah! Big welcome Talyah and wanted to send this to you ... ... out a big shout out and welcome to new team member Talyah Nicole. Talyah is the 70th member this year to join Empower Network, and has been receiving automated messages like this, like the one your receiving now. Talyah is currently in MCA, (a network marketing co., and a product that she believes in) and she was looking for a way to get autopilot leads, and sign-ups in her MCA business. Basically... She took a look at this video, saw the Empower Network vision, and now has joined Empower Network like 150,000 other people have ALREADY done! Are you wanting to make money online too? Maybe your tired of network marketing, and you'd like to get more sign-ups in your network marketing business? Maybe have more people come to YOU, vs. you go to them?  Well take a look at this video, and get started now! Welcome Talyah again! Oh... By the way guys, wrote a new blog post today! It's basically about the struggles I had in network marketing, and how building my business online, following the Empower Network system and trainings Read more

Why MLM Network Marketing Doesn’t Work

Why Network Marketing Doesn't Work Want to know why MLM network marketing doesn't work? Network marketing IS "duplicatable", IF you can find another chicken to run around with their head off. ... Notice most network marketing leaders are 40+ when they didn't have alternatives like building autopilot leads and traffic online? Don't be swayed to the idea that it works. There ARE better ways. And don't believe the hype when you see them on their 6th deal in 6 months. Get leads. Help people. Build autopilot systems. Stay focused. Case in point? In the Fall of 2011 I was burn't out. I had been "building" my network marketing business for (1) years straight, and recruiting my friends and family, WASN'T working. NONE of them brought any one in, despite the fact that I brought in about (6) people PERSONALLY in about (1) years of work, and had brought in maybe around (10) customers? (It was an electricity MLM. Still think it's a cool deal, but the commissions are weenie, and their business model revolves around selling grandma, getting here into the (3) way calls, and dragging her to the meetings. I knew after (1) year of grinding.) If Read more
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