HOLD How To Find Buy And Rent Houses

Jimmy And Linda McKissack’s HOLD Formula for Wealth Building

  Real Estate Wealth Building If your someone who made it to this website, your either ... A subscriber this website. A fan of Jimmy and Linda McKissack A fan of real estate investing... Or somehow you stumbled upon this page. Either way... Your in for a treat. So last week, I attended a Keller Williams training seminar in 'Old Town' Lewisville, TX. … [Read More...]

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CBOE Volatility Index

CBOE Market Volatility Index Going Through Roof!

Last night, I was telling a guy at the apartment complex where I’m living, that the ‘VIX’ was taking an uncanny spike for the upside. I told him I believe that all the uncertainty could be capitalized by shorting the VIX as he stated he had been taking some positions as of late. I’m not sure […]

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Featured Story

Helping To Keep the Community Clean

So last night in my apartment complex, I saw some hoodlums congregating down the hill in the patio hidden inside the pool area. I was doing my laundry, and wouldn't really care, however as of late, or rather this previous summer, there's been a tad bit of … [Read More...]

Your Bound To Make Mistakes. Make More.

If your an entrepreneur, then you probably understand the important of testing and making LOTS of mistakes. And if your someone who's building cultures, trying things, your NOT going to always make everyone happy, nor are you going to succeed most of the … [Read More...]

How A Couple of Minutes Turned Into 25 Minutes

So my buddy Kell just hit 25 minutes in her cardio program. She's been jogging for probably 3+ months now, and she started with about 1 or 2 minutes of jogging, and walking 5 to 15 minutes. Before she started jogging, I use to nag her about getting in … [Read More...]

Need A Personal Loan? (Lending Club.com)

The rich use 'good debt', and the poor use 'bad debt'. ~Kim Kiyosaki So I'm browsing around the internet, trying to learn more about 'crowdfunding', and the potential opportunities ahead, and I find a potential website you might be interested in. This … [Read More...]