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Note: We not only offer official licenced psychiatrist letters to dogs, but all animals.

How QuickESA Works.

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What’s Included

In 48 hours or less, you'll have your licenced psychiatrist approved ESA letters. If your ESA letters aren't delivered in your email inbox in 48 hours, you'll get your $ back, 100% guarantee.

Go anywhere with your animal

Is your apartment complex telling you it's a "no pets allowed" policy? Certain breeds restricted at your apt? Maybe you'd like NOT to pay a pet deposit while receiving emotional support from your animal?

Travel with Ease

Are you wanting to ride on an airplane with your pet? Maybe you'd like to ride on the bus, or metro with your animal? Even have access to exclusive "pet restricted" hotels. Look no further.

ESA Letter Packages

These Licensed Psychiatrist Prescribed ESA Letters Are About To Open Up A New World For You and Your Pet.



  • ✓ Housing Letter
  • ✓ Airplanes Letter



  • ✓ Housing Letter
  • ✓ Airplanes Letter
  • ✓ Hotels Letter
  • ✓ Bus Letter



  • ✓ Housing Letter
  • ✓ Airplanes Letter
  • ✓ Hotels Letter
  • ✓ Bus Letter
  • ✓ Train Letter
  • ✓ City Government Letter
  • ✓ Law Enforcement Letter

Don’t take our words for it

"After our apartment informed Kelly and I we "couldn't have a pit bull on the premise", and had 24 hours to vacate "Mommas", we turned to QuickESA!"

Jason Waite | Lewisville, TX

"I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if this would really work. And after all, if it didn't, would I get my money back? Little did I know these Dr. Prescribed ESA Letters WOULD work, and was informed by my apartment that they're legal and binding! And NO pet deposit too! YESSSS"

Kelly Martin | Lantana, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the process?

After paying, you will immediately receive an email in your email inbox. Click the link, and answer the questions in your assessment. A licensed psychiatrist will then call you to ask you further questions. If you qualify, then you'll receive your ESA letters via PDF in your email inbox in 48 hours or less. .

Is QuickESA legit?

When I first consider getting ESA letters for my "Mommas" I was desperate. My apartment had gave me 24 hours to vacate Mommas, and I was desperate for a LEGAL solution. The same love and care that your receiving, are the same emotions I had on saving "Mommas", and keeping her safe with me in my apartment. All letters are psychiatrist approved, and we ONLY partner with official licensed practitioners, and also provide you their licensee numbers in ALL letters.

Who qualifies for an Emotional Support Animal?

Anyone who is in need of emotional support to relieve a vast array of problems but not limited to: Anxiety, depression, bipolar/mood disorders, panic attacks, PTSD, sleeping disorders, and other emotional/psychological conditions. Most of our applicants qualify and receive their ESA letters in 48 hours or less.

Letter of prescription or "registration" or "certificate"?

It is a scam to tell people all they have to do is pay for a "registration" or "certificate". The truth is you have to have an official licensed letter of prescription from a certified health professional, such as a psychiatrist. We not only provide you these, but ALSO allow you to have to practitioners licensee number, keeping you safe when various parties do background checks on your ESA letters.