Ambit Energy SCAM Complaints – My Story – Jason Waite Tells All Ambit Energy Review-


Ambit Energy SCAM Complaints – My Story -Ambit Energy Review

Chances are, if your coming here to hear my story, either your taking a look at the Ambit Energy Scam Complaints… to see if they’re true. And or your an Ambit Energy rep wanting to hear my story. Either way I will give things to you as factually, and as succinctly as can for you.

In the Spring of 2010, I was worn out. I was battled wounded, scared, and wondering why I, like many of you, were so broke. It’s not easy having that feeling, as many of you know.

What was different about this time, was that back then, was reading lot’s of literature on finance, personal development, and I was sold on the concept of network marketing.

So understanding that, I knew I really wanted to “get away”, and I had a bit of money I had been saving over the past year, some from my job as a lifeguard manager at the local city pool, and some from my trading of triple leveraged ETF’s trying to understand the world of “investing.” … Or so I thought that was investing. (Still made some great returns though ;) … Returns though you can’t live off of $4,000 leveraged into the market … but that’s another story lol.)

And so I took what little money I had, packed my bags. And I was off to Costa Rica. San Jose, Costa Rica. Basically I spent the summer in bliss, escaping from the realities of life, traveling everywhere by public transportation, visiting the beaches of the world, mountains of Costa Rica, then unexpectedly making it to Nicaragua. (Which I SURPRISINGLY loved … you might love to ;))

So finally had to be dropped down to earth/reality. In August sometime guess, finally made it home. It sucked. I was broke. But I did have about oh… maybe $ ,1000’s to my name. … Before I had left for Costa Rica, I knew I was going to get into network marketing, I just didn’t know which company, and I didn’t know what was legit or what wasn’t. … But knew there was SOMETHING out there.

And so, I decided to drive from Paris, TX, all the way to Amarillo, TX to go visit my dad. Think maybe I spent a week out there. But while out there in Amarillo, and at a coffee shop off of I-40 … or maybe it’s I-30?? … dunno. … fate struck. … I really do see it as fate. HAVE YOU EVER HAD THOSE EXPERIENCES BEFORE?

So reading a Success From Home magazine, I read about a network marketing company that was specializing in something that EVERYBODY uses. EVERYBODY uses, and that what they had going on, I DIDN’T have to sell. LITERALLY. Now I don’t want to pitch you on my opportunity, but that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking at the time, and the inner workings of my mind. So intrigued, I decided to race home to my dad’s house and talk a little bit about it, how I was so excited or something. (I think the time I was there I was talking more about stocks or something. Trying to brag about my alleged investing style or niche. … Dunno… but those were some of the things passionate about back then.)

And so. That’s history. Came back to Paris, TX. Made a few phone calls. And joined the “opportunity.”


And so, I got involved. I shared the opportunity with my best friend Kelly, my mother and both got in. We went to a few meetings. … And then later I started work’n on my girlfriend lol. She saw it too, and soon she was in it. Well over time I started to have alot of trouble. The reality of the situation was that I wasn’t seasoned and was going through the necessary learning curve, and what it takes to succeed in the industry.

You’ve got to NEVER give up. And you’ve got to NEVER quit. Always give something (5) years!


I didn’t give up. I continued working the Ambit Energy system which I am a FIRM believer all recruits should study and duplicate. And I didn’t give up. And although I had some adversities, I as well took to the internet. (Here’s where it get’s interesting.)

So I go here on the internet, and I see all these Ambit Energy scam complaints. Well first off, alot of it makes sense to me, but I know EXACTLY why they’re saying it. So I wanted to clear something out there. And I wanted to let people no straight up what’s up.


The reason WHY people say it’s a “scam” and you see Ambit Energy scam complaints is for the following reasons. (If you can’t think of others leave a comment below this blog! ;))

  1. They give up.
  2. They’re angry because THEY didn’t succeed.
  3. They didn’t have nor maybe even didn’t apply the proper trainings that it’s their back office and or at training meetings or on weekly calls!


And so I felt like I HAD to clear the air. I wanted people as well not to know that it wasn’t a scam just because of me, but I wanted to point out some facts. And here are some facts below. (By the way I’ve been in Ambit Energy for 1 1/2 years. … And for you Ambit Energy Consultants I’ve got something for you and want your opinion towards the end of this blog ;))

  1. Every bonus and every month I receive a residual income check.
  2. Ambit Energy is rated an A by the Better Business Bureau.
  3. Ambit Energy is a member of the prestigious DSA Direct Selling Association.
  4. Ambit Energy is a licensed public utility company in all states of it’s operation.
  5. Ambit Energy is rated #15 in the world for direct sells as mentioned by the Direct Selling Association. 

Now I didn’t just wanted to spout off facts, but I wanted to give you the person who’s taking an honest look at the Ambit Energy an ounce of suggestion IF (which of course you want to succeed! ) you want to succeed.)

  1. Partner with someone who YOUR success is their success.
  2. Duplicate and work the Ambit Energy system. Not your system.
  3. Never give up.

Thank you for reading this blog. And am so glad that your on track to investing the right opportunity. If your wanting to take a FREE look at the Ambit Energy opportunity go to … If your wanting to see how I’m helping other people online to build their business CLICK HERE. <——- And yes you my Ambit Energy consultant friends can “opt” in too if your wanting to see some of my blogging “secrets.” … MAKE SURE TOO YOU GUYS GO TO THE TOP RIGHT OF THIS BLOG, and opt in to “Jason’s FREE (5) Day Video Bootcamp… there’s some solid advice for you all to “opt” in there, and you’ll get “secrets” I only share with a few people… and definately not on these blogs.

One love fam!


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Ambit Energy SCAM Complaints – My Story – Jason Waite Tells All Ambit Energy Review


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