Banners Broker Scam Complaints Review | Jason Waite Tells Story

Banners Broker Scam Complaints Review | Jason Waite Tells Story


Chances are if your coming here, your looking for a Banners Broker Review that can help you determine whether or not the Banners Broker Scam Complaints are true.

In this Banners Broker Review, I’ll tell you a little bit about my story…

Banners Broker Scam Complaints Review


About a year ago, last August 2011, I was living in Tyler, TX, in a (1) bedroom apartment, sleeping on a blow up mattress… with a hole in it, having to wake up in the middle of the nite to air it up… usually twice a night… barely able to pay the rent, trying to earn some money building my mlm network marketing business online.

I was desperate...

I was trying to build my mlm online.

Trying to blog…

Trying to make videos online…

Something wasn’t clicking…

At the end of the summer, my girlfriend had, had enough.

Essentially I hadn’t “got a job.” … I quite frankly she was worn out with my being stressed (mainly over not having $ cause was trying to build the mlm) over money, and by the end of the summer, after BORROWING the $ to go to my mlm’s annual conference she had gave up.


And so I had began another journey online.

There’s another way, I had just never been able to “crack the code.

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So after moving in with my mother, desperate and looking for another way, I found a mentor who was willing to share his “secrets”/experiences, and I was soon to the internet, building my business online races.

I had some success…

And quite frankly…

What I would find out would SHOCK ME.

There was something else BETTER than the mlm world.


Now I feel so naive.

Can YOU relate???

And so the world of affiliate marketing was opened up to me.

Banners Broker Scam Complaints Review – Banners Brokers has presented itself to be one of the most interesting “opportunities” that I’ve seen on the web.

  1. You can invest your money in profit sharing and getting a return on investing in 30 to sometimes 90 days.
  2. You can get FREE advertising just for investing in the various packages they offer.
  3. You can earn an affiliate commission on your services.

No brainer right?…

So why do we hear so many Banners Broker Scam Complaints?

  1. People who HEAR about the concept of banners broker probably feel like it’s “too good to be true.”
  2. People who HEAR about the concept of getting advertising for investing your money probably don’t understand the concept or business model.
  3. People who HEAR about Banners Broker, probably have little knowlege of banner advertising, and are probably desperate looking for alternative means to profiting, but are too scared to “take the plunge” and invest

Truthfully, I haven’t seen another opportunity quite like this, and this (banners broker) isn’t even my primary business.

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Concerning advertising with Banners Broker and advertising strategy:

What I do think is a great advertising strategy is one where you can get a return on investment, and as well one where you can essentially get free advertising. Most advertising strategies like ppc/pay per click, or solo adds, once you advertising your $ is GONE.

IMAGINE: Investing in a program, and getting your money back, many times doubling or tripling your income, AND getting FREE advertising. How does that feel?


What have you got to loose?

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“team freedom fighterZ”



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One Love!











Jason C. Waite


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Banners Broker Scam Complaints Review




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