Empower Network Scam Complaints – Jason Waite Tells His Story

Empower Network Scam Complaints – Jason Waite Tells His Story

Chances are, if your making it to this blog entitled “Empower Network Scam Complaints: Jason Waite Tells His Story”, YOUR probably looking for Empower Network scam reviews, and or your an Empower Network internet network marketing professional and would like to hear my side of things.

A little about me, but this blog of course is being written for YOU.

One and a half years ago, Fall of 2010, I got into what I felt like was the best network marketing opportunity out on the market. I quickly “shared” the “opportunity” with my friends and family. My mom joined, best friend Kelly joined, and even talked in my girlfriend a couple of months later.


My mom, best friend, and girlfriend didn’t really DUPLICATE.

I felt like a disaster.

Being that I knew, much like you do, that there HAS to be a way online, I turned to blogging, and making videos online (maybe 1 blog and video per week.)


I was a disaster online too.


I felt crushed. Out of desperation I turned to the internet even harder. Started blogging more frequently, probably every week, and started blogging on EVERY blog site like blogger.com , blogspot, and betternetwork.


I will STILL a disaster online.

Something in my changed. Something in me snapped! DO YOU HAVE THAT SAME FEELING!

I was so pissed off. I had moment I cried. I had moments that I was upset with God because didn’t know why I was being punished for being successful. … But one common theme kept coming up: “DON’T GIVE UP.

So a pivotal event occurred at the end of Summer 2011, after blogging on average about every week, and after making a video about every week, and STILL BEING A DISASTER! … But caring and wanting to help people so much. … MY GIRLFRIEND LEFT ME. (Yeah we had moved to another town to build “our” network marketing companies, but we weren’t finding duplication in working closer to our uplines.

I was desperate. She left. She had gave up. I was angry. And I vowed NEVER to give up! … That I was going to help hundreds if not THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE. (Do you feel the same way?)

And so out of sheer LUCK, I stumbled upon a training system that teaches you how to REALLY build your business online, and how you really get leads, and how the “gooroo’s” REALLY build their businesses…


My business EXPLODED … and so did my friends businesses! Even better. :D

Here’s a snapshot [TODAY ] of even today making money today and getting leads today while I was drinking coffee at my local Hastings Book Store in Paris, TX and doing NOTHING.


Here’s a picture of how Empower has helped me not only get leads for my primary opportunity, but here’s proof that it’s helped me in my primary opportunity, and how am promoted through the ranks helping other people online succeed. (If you want to take a FREE look at Empower CLICK HERE. Call me if you’ve got questions or need help getting started. … And yeah it’s only $25’s a “no-brainer” to getting started.)


And so because I made a mission to help people make money online, and teach people the “secrets” that it takes to build and automate their business online, we’ve found a way not only to make money, but to build a base and army of people that are even joining me in my primary company.


  1. They don’t follow the system. (Most haven’t even joined the system, and yet rant and rave that it’s a “scam” hoping to get leads.)
  2. They didn’t get the proper training, that could help them scale up their online marketing skills leverage their position(s) online.
  3. The didn’t hook up with a leader that was willing to share their “secrets” for them for FREE. … Yes I said for FREE. (Because I was so disgusted with all the “gooroo” material on the web I decided to give FREE training on www.jasonCWaite.com on the upper right hand of page called: “Get Jason’s FREE (5) Day Video Bootcamp … EVERY day I get emails saying how that series of FREE videos that I put on the web “changed their lives and so can YOU.)

So right now if you want to succeed online. And you sick and tired of not making money online, you’ve got to say you’ve had enough, and you got to “opt” in and get the Empower system for online “25’s, and you have to PROMISE me that your going to BUST YOUR ASS and build your business online. Together we will work out a monthly strategy where we WILL get you to where you need to be.


Click The Button Below To Learn How To Generate Endless Leads And Build A Insanely Profitable Business Online


To YOUR success!








Jason C. Waite

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Empower Network Scam Complaints


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        • jasonCwaite says

          PayPal doesn’t allow EN to use it’s services because truth is there’s no company with the same infustructure and growth like EN. … In (1) year EN has done over $24 sales in revenue? … And EN’s product is no diffrent than a WordPress blog, … except it is a WordPress blog, and … oh it has the best training out on the market. Truth is, EN is more of a training vehicle than a blogging unit, but anyone can use the blogging unit to outrank and blog: ie. blogspot… betternetworker… I know because 6 months previous I tried to get my information out on the internet but was having 0 luck. Empower Network came along, and I’ve had INSTANTANEOUS luck. … Going on almost a year? … and I’ve part time shared it and will probably make around $8 to $12 dollars on autopilot? Not counting my other businesses and opportunities to share because of the leads it provided. … If your skeptical take a FREE look here: http://www.blogERGY.com

  1. says

    Hey Jason, I really doubt that Empower Network is a scam. What I’m wondering is, why are the same old same old people who were making money at the beginning are the same ones making money now. You’ll see the posts from a lot of recent sign ups all struggling to get other affiliates to “check out their blog” which means they are not getting blog views. Obviously blogging daily is not as results generating as it they say it is. Could there be something they are not telling others? Plus I know a lady (FaceBook friend) who joined in DEC 2011 and it took her 7 Long months to get to $5K even after going “ALL IN” meanwhile people like Nick Bamble, Lawrence Tam, Rob Fore, Nicole Cooper (seasoned marketers) started slamming it right from the start. Thats my observation on the whole set up. Whats your feedback?

  2. Jenna says

    I am really not aware of the Empower network. But I read this post and found it to be very informative. There is a lot to learn from you. Perseverance always pays and you got the right reward!

  3. katherine torres says

    I really little bit doubt that Empower Network is a scam. I dont think that it is true but you provide the information here its nice one. I definatly want to know more about it.

  4. Brianna says

    I am searching for online jobs and replied to an ad in CL. I got a reply which had this empower network link. I wanted to know is this genuine? Can we really make money using this empower network? Your replies are greatly appreciated.

  5. Evans Maya says

    Thank you Jason for sharing your experience and educating the readers about the Empower Network Scam.
    My sister was very interested in it.But after reading this post and the other comments,I am sure she will give a second thought on it.


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