Robert Kiyosaki SCAM – Is Robert Kiyosaki a Scam?

Robert Kiyosaki SCAM – Is Robert Kiyosaki a Scam?

Are you wanting to know if Robert Kiyosaki is a scam? Maybe your looking into the Rich Dad products, or whether to do business with Robert, and or utilize his ideas on investing.

 Is Robert Kiyosaki a scam?


Robert Kiyosaki Scam Complaints!? – Robert Kiyosaki Scam Complaints Aren’t True But Let’s Just Take a Look At the Facts.

Robert Kiyosaki has been doing business for many years. He has been succesful sharing his ideas, mainly through his brand Rich Dad, but is also a well know investor in real estate, gold and silver, and also a HUGE proponent in network marketing … and or multi-lvel marketing.

What is mult-level marketing or network marketing????

Here’s a video where Robert Kiyosaki describes the perfect business.


Robert Kiyosaki Scam Complaints! – Why Are There People On the Internet Claiming He’s a Scam?

1. The first reason why your probably hearing Robert Kiyosaki scam complaints is because these people are broke, and they’re conspiratorial fringers who believe corporations and money’d philanthropist people liking people like Robert Kiyosaki are bad and evil. These people are loosers, and would give them the time of day. They’re loosers and will always be loosers.

2. People who are on the internet claiming Robert Kiyosaki are a scam, are maybe people who they themselves are a failure at whatever strategy THEY employed, and because of their own failure, they go around blaming everyone, and everything, and they thierselves don’t take responsiblity and need a pawn for their own failures. These people are loosers today. Ignore them. If they worked as hard in their business as they do spamming the search engines they might have succeeded.

3. The most adversity I see on the internet, is that common people do not know how to make money. If they learned how to make money that might not be so aversive to making it. The first step however involves education, and that’s exactly why Robert Kiyosaki created created works like Rich Dad Poor Dad, and fantastic games like Cashflow 101 and 102.


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Robert Kiyosaki Scam Complaints! – Why Is Robert Kiyosaki Such A Huge Fan of Network Marketing???

What I really love about Robert Kiyosaki is his love for network marketing. He believes it’s the best business, or rather perfect business, and that all people should take a look at network marketing as an option to gathering  Cashflow and changing your values.

If your interested in network marketing you should DEFINITELY take a look at Ambit. It’s rated #1 for 2010 as the fastest growing company and many are taking a look at it as the new prominent network marketing opportunity.


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Robert Kiyosaki SCAM

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