Solavei Scam Complaints Review – Jason’s Speaking Out!

Solavei Scam Complaints Review – Jason’s Speaking Out!


So if your coming here your either taking a look at Solavei Scam Complaints Review to decide whether the Solavei cell phone business opportunity is right for you, or your a Salavei cell phone rep looking to take a look at my story and experience. Either way welcome and thanks for reading my blog.

Solavei Scam Complaints Review – Jason’s Speaking Out!


What your going to hear and see in my Solavei Scam Complaints Review may offend you, or you may identify with it, either way I’m going to tell you 110% my story and how you might be able to learn from it.

About a year ago, I was living in a (1) bedroom apartment in Tyler Tx…

I’m not saying it was the ghetto, but it certainly wasn’t nice…

I was sleeping in this one bedroom apt with my X-girlfriend..

On a blow up mattress that had a hole in it

We’d have to wake up (2) times a night to keep this thing up…

The adversity was high….

I believe in my network marketing company…

I was broke…

I gave it my all…

I sacrificed…

I made a list…

I got my friends and family in…

My friends Kelly,

My mom…

My girlfriend…

… and alot of my “warm-market list…

But where did it get me?

Where did it get my team???

Like YOU!

I sacrificed…

But I learned alot…


If your building your Solavei business online, your going to need some leads. So how do you get leads?

Well before getting into that …

Let’s take a look at why we hear so many Solavei Scam Complaints online, and go further into this Solavei Scam Complaints Review.

Here are the reasons why we hear so many Solavei Scam Complaints

  1. People who say Solavei is a scam do not understand network marketing. Because they’ve been conditioned by broke people, or because they’ve been conditioned that mult-level marketing is a scam, they’re skeptical of the industry.
  2. People say Solavei Scam Complaints are true, because they failed in another opportunity, and or in Solavei, and never, naught give up. They blame the opportunity, and even their upline. … You have to give it your all. You have to NEVER give up.
  3. … And what I’ve seen to be the MOST important: *** Solavei reps never got the proper training.

When I was building my network marketing MLM business I only WISH I would have had the right training.

So is Solavei Scam Complaints legit? No. Certainly not. But to understand this Solavei Scam Complaints Review, your going to have to understand like I have, that you need leads for your Solavei business.

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Besides getting leads for my MLM network marketing business, this lead generation training also has paid me a little side income can you too. (No it’s not a network marketing opportunity. It’s just how I’ve been able to dominate in my network marketing MLM opportunity and you can too.)

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Thanks for checking out this Solavei Scam Complaints Review, and thanks for exploring the potential opportunity for getting more online leads to your Solavei business.






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Jason C. Waite


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Solavei Scam Complaints Review – Jason’s Speaking Out

Solavei Scam Complaints Review – Jason’s



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  • zippy

    This is the worst website I have ever seen.

    • jasonCwaite

      It might be the worst look’n … but it sure get’s alotta’ leads lol. That free 5 day video bootcamp at the top right of this page where I show people how to get online leads for their Solavei business get’s TONS of leads. Yesterday had 19 leads! Not to mention alot of Solavei people got some great free training videos for getting automated, automatic online leads for their Solavei business.

      • Kris McHale

        “Gets”=the plural of “get”.
        “Get’s”=”Belonging to the get”

        Free grammar lesson for you, bud.

        • jasonCwaite

          Hey Kris thanks brotha’.

          I know who to employee to give my kids grammar lessons… by the way, I have a Bachelors in History. History clearly shows those who make it use action, not grammar.


  • Heh

    Solavei isn’t a scam, but the empower network is. Think of all the people that can’t recruit. Wait, individual success is ultimately one’s own responsibility right, well then they should just recruit shouldn’t they? Then, what about the recruits of the recruits? When does it end? Ideally after 7 billion people are in the Empower Network, 4 billion of whom have no one to recruit and are out of $25+/month with nothing of value to show for it. But unfortunately much sooner, due to over saturation. Then everyone at the bottom is just left with a system designed to teach them how to make people sign up for something to teach people how to sign up for something to teach people how to sign up for something, with no one to sign up.

    Sounds like a game of hot potato, and you’re winning. Every man’s success is many other men’s failures.

    Solavei isn’t a scam because, what if they can’t recruit. Well then they still have an awesome product/service that everyone already uses anyway, at a great price to boot. Not just empty dreams of success by selling the dream of success.

    • jasonCwaite

      Your right except Empower isn’t a scam. Both create unique opportunities for people. Solavei has a badass product that everyone uses… reduces that bill, and even pays you for refering what you already use! Empower as well actually get’s you the automated, automatic leads for your Solavei business. Yesterday alone, I had (19) leads opt in at the top right of this page for the “FREE 5 Day Video Bootcam” so they could learn how to get automatic Solavei leads for their business.

      Would you rather prospect… or would you rather have automatic leads for your business ;). Automatic leads coming to you/me … sure does feel great ;)

      Go to the upper right of this page and opt in on that form with your NAME and EMAIL to get the FREE 5 Day Video Bootcamp on how to get leads for your Solavei business ;).