Zeek Rewards Scam Complaints Review | Jason Waite Tells His Story


If your coming here, chances are your looking for a Zeek Rewards Scam Complaints Review

There are several reviews online that state Zeek Rewards is a scam, and others that aren’t…

I’m going to tell you my story … as factually as I can…

But this Zeek Rewards Scam Complaints Reviews is for YOU!

Zeek Rewards Scam Complaints Review


… A little about myself…

My name is Jason Waite…

I live in Reno, TX, about 2 1/2 hours North East of Dallas, TX..

I’ve been in mlm and network marketing now for almost 2 years.

(No I’m not here to pitch you on my network marketing co. ;))

A year ago, I had moved 2 hours south of Paris, TX to live closer to my mlm network marketing sponsor…

I wanted to duplicate like he was, and quite frankly just wanted to change.

The summer of 2011, last year, I was sleeping… well not in the ghetto… but close lol…

… On a blow up mattress, barely enough room to fit my girlfriend and I at the time on it…

It had a hole in it, and we’d have to wake up twice a night to pop the batteries in to air it up…

Because it had a hole it it!


Because at the time I was making sacrifices to build my mlm network marketing company.

… The problem I was having was that I couldn’t get people to “duplicate my success.

Yes I was promoting…

Yes I was bringing on customers…

But I just COULDN’T seem to break through.

My mother…

My best friend Kelly Martin…

Even my girlfriend were in the biz, but no-one seemed to duplicate even though they saw the power in my company..


I took to the internet…

After struggle


And perseverance

I’ve now been able to share with people how I’ve been able to build my business online….

And also how other people like YOU, can build YOUR business online, and on autopilot…


That being said…

Why are we hearing of the Zeek Rewards Scam Complaints Online?

  1. Most people who haven’t read an objective Zeek Rewards Scam Complaints Review online simply don’t understand the power of network marketing, home based businesses, nor alternative opportunities on the market… nor do they find it as a legitimate business model, or understandable business model. Too good to be true right? … Most of these people are “working class” people, sometimes closed minded people, who have been CONDITIONED to think the way they think. … These are people that are usually typically unconsciously trained to be slaves, and are not yet at this time ready to be free. (I’ve been there.)
  2. People believe the Zeek Rewards Scam Complaints Reviews are true, because someone might have got into the company, but instead of “never giving up”, they gave up on the slightest whim, blaming either their upline, the opportunity, or some other external factor, when in all actuality THEY were responsible for their business, but they have not yet matured to the next level of success, which is take personal responsibility. We MUST be responsible for our own businesses/success… and MOST importantly we must NEVER give up.
  3. Many people believe Zeek Rewards Scam Complaints Reviews are true, because they themselves didn’t get the appropriate training. What I learned in my network marketing company is, making a list of 200 people, sharing the “opportunity” with friends and family, can ONLY last so long. You’ve GOT to have a plan BEYOND your “warm market”, and you need some LEVERAGE in your business, and you need to utilize systems and tools, to have LEADS COMING TO YOU, vs. YOU going out to leads… and chasing leads… and quite frankly, just feeling like SH@%.

===> CLICK HERE to see my “Freedom System”, that allows my to get leads online, and autopilot for my network marketing business.

So are the Zeek Rewards Scam Complaints Review online legit? NO. But you simply HAVE to have the right online training and systems to get autopilot leads for your business.

Today is 8/11/2012. I went out to the local cafe here in Reno, TX with my friend Kelly Martin, and really I haven’t worked a bit, besides writing this blog, hoping to educate YOU, and at the same time, I’m getting leads in my inbox because I have SYSTEMS in place, that do ALL the work for me, vs. me going out and doing the work. ===> AND YOU CAN TOO.

Here’s a screen shot of todays leads. Usually I get around 10-20 leads per day. Only lunch time, and have several people on autopilot already interested in my network marketing co. and ALSO these people are ALSO interested and inquiring about getting leads for THEIR business/network marketing co.

===> Click here to see how YOU too can get leads for your Zeek Rewards business on autopilot.

And can YOU TOO make a residual income by referring your fellow Zeek Rewards friends to getting leads online? Yes. I do. So not only do I get leads for my network marketing business, but I also make a recurring residual income from referring people to getting more leads for their business. … and YOU can too.

Here’s a screenshot showing a litle bit of the close to $1,800 dollars I’ve made in the last two weeks helping people get learn how to get leads for their business, and about $800 more dollars, ALL NEW RESIDUAL INCOME, simply using THIS SYSTEM to get leads for my business, and YOU TOO can get paid to get leads to your Zeek Rewards business. Simply … ===> CLICK HERE.


Thanks for checking out this Zeek Rewards Scam Complaints Review!


Jason/”Team Freedom FighterZ”



CLICK HERE  and travel the world via your laptop, and be FREE. You have the POWER my friend.

By the way, as a free bonus, at the top right hand of this page you’ll find my “Jason’s FREE (5) Day Video Bootcamp and I’ll show you exactly how you can get massive online leads for your business. There will be extra tips and strategies I use for the Empower Network, including how to get your articles and blogs to page 1 of Google.


One Love!











Jason C. Waite



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Zeek Rewards Scam Complaints Review | Jason Waite Tells His Story




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